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Symbols of Success, Prosperity 
Good Fortune
Saturday, June 16th  (1-3 pm) Tumalo

If you missed it you can purchase via Pay Pal for only $9.99
 20+ pages of handouts in PDF form
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 Everything in our surroundings has a voice and is speaking to us. 
Learn symbols of protection and enhancement, the hidden meanings of pictures, objects
animals, flowers, birds and plants. Learn about objects that bring prosperity, wealth and happiness.
Learn your personal Lucky and Unlucky Directions and Chinese Horoscope Animal (according to your birthdate)
and how to use all of them to your advantage
All this and more!

Also Available for:
Feng Shui Workshops or Lectures
Realtor:  training presentations
Architectural Firms- Clients, Members, or Housing Associations
Private Feng Shui Parties:  Gather your friends!