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        2019 Year of the Boar is here! Are you
       prepared? Get Your Annual Feng Shui energy updates.

Now Available....Remote Long Distance Consultations!

   Make sure that your Consultant has an ethically run business and has a registered business within their State as well as a         Business License in your City!  Easy to check..... just Google it! may be surprised!

    All Consultations are focused on your specific needs and goals, ranging from a one room consult to an entire building and surrounding property.

    I utilize all Feng Shui schools of thought for your home or building analysis, including the most powerful form of     Feng Shui that ONLY ADVANCED practitioners use, Geomantic Feng Shui also known as  Flying Star. It has     nothing to do with astrology. Flying Star Feng Shui is the analysis of the 5 elements AND Chi (energy), land     formations and star combinations that occupy your building, home or business  Every Chinese New Year sees the     annual stars changing, bringing good and bad energy  to different sectors of the property. Flying Star Feng Shui is     EXTREMELY powerful and accurate and can explain a lot  about what is going on in a home. Why use only simple     feng shui techniques when you can get dramatic results with advanced knowledge!!

     Annual Assessment

    Every year there are cyclical changes in the energy of our environment.  These changes often affect the degree of     influence of Feng Shui on a property.  Since we continually grow and change, the feng shui of our space also     continues to grow and change. An annual review of your home and life goals will ensure that the energy of your     home supports your current wishes ad desires. Clients should engage a consult on an annual basis to provide an     assessment for the coming years energies, to know what to expect and how to maximize potential and reduce     dangerous risks of the annual energies. You can make the most of the current year with this information. We are     now experiencing The Year of The Dog with energies changing soon to the Year of the Boar/Pig in 2019!

    What your Golden Consultation Includes:

    An onsite evaluation of the exterior and surrounding grounds and the interior of your home or building. Identification     of imbalances as well as beneficial factors.

    Calculations of the orientation of the magnetic compass reading of the building or room.

    Calculations of the energy blueprint of the building based on the direction and the year of the building based on the     ADVANCED and most ACCURATE method of Flying Stars.

    A floor plan is utilized to provide you with accurate details.

    The MONEY location, specific to the building, will be identified with recommendations on how to enhance.

    A detailed written report of the energy patterns of your home or building and how to enhance or remedy the energy      patterns and the overall energy flow of your home or business

    A detailed written report of your personal directions.

    A written report of the Annual Energies

   What you need to provide:

    Floor Plan or Blue Print of home (maximum size of 8 x 10) Hand drawn is Okay if a professional drawing is not     available. The more accurate drawing, the more the consult will be accurate.

    If you are not providing your floor plan to a consultant, you are not benefiting from an accurate     consultation. Make sure your consultant uses a floor plan.

    The year the building was built, including additions or remodels

    Birthdate of occupants

    Individual Rates vary according to the level and scope of the project, needs and goals of the client, square footage     of the home or business, travel requirements and other factors. Your Feng Shui Consult investment will vary     depending on your personal needs.  An initial consult on a 2-3,000 Square Foot home can take 2-3 hours.  Contact     me for a personalized quote.

    Remote Long Distance Consultations available by use of emails and photos.
Space Clearing / Smudging Ceremonies
House Blessing Ceremonies

Client Confidentiality:

    Your privacy is of utmost importance.  All information is protected.  I view this matter highly and give it top priority.