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The 5 Elements:
Translated into the 5 elements, in Chinese these 5 forces are called
Wu Xing. The 5 elements are described as Metal (signifying strength)
Wood (represents Growth), Water (signifies Flow), Fire (represents
ambition), and Earth (signifies the nurturing of the Matriarch).
Everything in the universe falls into one of these 5 categories.

Wind chimes 
               are one of the most powerful enhancers and solutions for many Feng Shui Situations.
              The wind chime rods should be hollow to allow the flow of chi through them and produce a pleasant
                     sound / melody

              5 RODS suppress bad luck and energy (represents EARTH )
              6 RODS ( Big Metal / Heaven Luck) & 8 RODS (PROSPERITY): attract Good Luck  
                 6 Rods are also excellent for managing bad flying stars

              If ENHANCING your LUCK, choose a wind chime that is made from the element of the direction you wish to enhance

              DO NOT hang a wind chime directly above where you sleep, work, sit, eat or stand.

              For assistance with implementing the above, contact me for a consultation.

Lucky Health Direction:

                                Feeling lethargic or lacking vitality?  This is the direction you should tap into!  Locate your personal health direction  
          ​                      according to your FENG SHUI Kua#.  Sleep with your head pointed in this direction.  It is like having a Dr. of Heaven
                                looking after you and preventing illness.  The cosmic energy of the universe enters your body through your crown
                                chakra.  It spreads this energy throughout your body and keeps you in the best of health.  Helps to keep you free of
​                                psychological and mental problems.     SLEEP AND EAT facing your health direction!

Myth:   Paint your front door Red for Good Luck

The Color RED in Feng Shui is considered Lucky or Auspicious.  However, depending on the specific home or building RED 
especially near entrances, bedrooms and offices can actually attract fires, accidents, divorce, and even trigger eye, heart,
blood related and stomach illnesses.  ALWAYS consult a professional prior to painting a door red!      

Lucky Directions:

Do you know your lucky directions?  Each person has lucky directions according to their birthdate.  Utilize these to transform your

3 Types of Luck

Heaven Luck:  No one can change this type of luck.  This is the time and place of your birth, the family you were born to and your early life circumstances.

Earth Luck:  This is your immediate environment and land forms. Where things such as water and mountain locations are located, the geography and time factors.  The physical environment determines the quality of the chi in your surroundings. Using feng shui to work with your immediate environment , you can change your luck for the better and help to prevent bad luck.

Man Luck:  This is the luck you create by learning, behavior, attitude, meeting the right people, exploring the world and trying to better yourself by growing as a human being

What is Feng Shui ??

People think Feng Shui is about furniture placement, house arrangements and colors, in fact, it is about so much more. It is about ENERGY and how to harness that energy.  Feng Shui is not a religion or a superstition.  It is and ancient body of Knowledge that has survived thousands of years and carries a wealth of wisdom to those who are ready to apply Feng Shui to better their lives. Feng Shui is the art and practice of living in harmony with your environment to produce tangible results naturally. It involves intuitive, aesthetic adjustments of visible and invisible objects or factors, realigning all dimensions of the environment into a balanced harmonious state.